Signed the founding of the NAPA in Trieste, Rijeka is expected to join in


Representatives of the Port Authorities of Trieste, Koper, Venice and Ravenna on Tuesday signed a Memorandum on the establishment of the Association in the northern Adriatic port (NAPA).

Claudio Boniciolli, the director of the Port of Trieste said at a joint press conference after the signing the Memorandum, that he hopes that the initiative will soon join Rijeka, reported the Slovenian news agency STA.

The aim of the initiative NAPA is greater cooperation between the northern Adriatic ports, and also the connection of the port's infrastructures in the world of the market, especially in the sence of the synergy of the areas as the logistic platforms in the future trade routes wich are supposed to connect the Far East and the Central Europe.

NAPA initiatives will be presented at the end of this month in front of the European Parliament and the support of the Italian and Slovenian governments is expected, as the signers of the initiative have announced in Trieste.

CEO of the Port of Koper, Veselko Gregor said that is of the vital importance to the NAPA Association to gain the support from the European Union, which would have confirmed interest in Brussels for the north Adriatic ports as alternative logistics routes combined with the ports of northern Europe.

In this sense, Kopar Airport expects to get the support to strengt the logistical network that will connect the ports in the northern Adriatic Sea, and particularly by the  the symultaneous construction and modernization of the railway ties.