Dubrovnik's airport and port authority partners in EU cross-border project ADRIGREEN

DUBROVNIK, 26.02.2019.
Dubrovnik's airport (ZLD) and port authority (LUD) are partners in a EUR 2.1 million cross-border project aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using vehicles powered by renewable energy sources, a press conference was told in Dubrovnik on Tuesday.

ZLD has been awarded EUR 220,000 and LUD EUR 178,000 from the EU project ADRIGREEN, or Green and intermodal solutions for Adriatic airports and ports. ZLD will use EUR 83,000 to buy two electric vehicles and 15 electric bicycles and for waste sorting, while the rest of the sum will go towards consultancy costs and employees' wages. LUD will purchase one electric vehicle and three electric bicycles.

The project, which runs from January 2019 to January 2021, involves ten partners from Croatia and Italy. It is coordinated by Pula Airport and includes the Pula Port Authority, Dubrovnik Airport and the Dubrovnik Port Authority. The project is run by Marche Polytechnic University from Ancona and the Italian partners are the airports Rimini, Abruzzo and Apulia, and central and southern Adriatic port authorities.

Dario Barbaric, head of the Department for Security, Environmental Protection and Operations of the Dubrovnik Port Authority, said that one of the shortcomings of Adriatic destinations was poor integration of alternative modes of transport, while project manager Hrvoje Spremic of Dubrovnik Airport said that the purpose of the project was to develop green intermodal solutions in connecting ports.