Dubrovnik hosting European Road Conference

DUBROVNIK, 20.11.2018.
The European Road Conference "Corridors for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Mobility" opened in Dubrovnik on Monday, with Croatian Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Oleg Butkovic saying that budgetary projections for the next three years were an opportunity to plan projects in southern Croatia.

He said it was significant that the conference was taking place in Dubrovnik, a city "cut off" from the rest of Croatia in terms of transport. "Road building is topical for Dubrovnik, as the Peljesac Bridge is being built," he said, referring to the bridge that will connect the south with the rest of the country. "It's much easier on the state budget when we have secured 85% from European funds to finance the project.". - minister Butkovic added.

Minister Butkovic also said that in southern Croatia it was still necessary to build a motorway from Ploce to Dubrovnik and a road from Dubrovnik to its airport. "Budgetary projections for the next three years will soon be made, so there will be an opportunity to realise these projects.".

Croatian Roads (HC) CEO, Josip Skoric said Croatia was part of a region deeply divided by conflicts and mistrust where big infrastructure projects must be realised. "That can't be achieved without joint planning and agreement. We wanted to inform all the neighbouring countries of the infrastructure projects, for the benefit of the whole region. This region is crossed by modern transport routes which haven't been fully recognised, yet are the basis for the development of the economy and tourism. We hope it will happen.".

International Road Federation (IRF) executive vice president, Michael Dreznes underlined the importance of recognising the need for sustainable and efficient road networks.

Croatia understands that importance, notably in terms of security. We in the IRF always look for what we can learn from one country and apply it to another. Conferences like this are a great opportunity for that, he said.

The conference was organised, among others, by HC, IRF and the European Union Road Federation.